My first and foremost concern is your overall well being. It involves caring and implementation of knowledge based on your health. We travel on the journey together and succeed on goals for your success. It is all about your improvement, increasing confidence and commitment . I coach men and women to lose stubborn belly fat and add lean muscle by addressing excessive insulin resistance, adrenal burnout, impaired liver function, and high estrogen levels. Health comes first. I dig deep with an array of questions to revile the underlying cause of what is happening with your body – inside and out.

The evaluations and questionnaires will target your needs, so we can address them one at a time. It’s more than just working out. I have been in business for almost 30 years. I can also provide effective online programs that you download to your phone in real-time or print out and take it to the gym.

I offer so much more than your average personal trainer. I’m also the author of, Firm and Flatten Your Abs and have a private basement gym, secure parking, locker, and shower.

I live in Old Town, Tacoma.

David Grisaffi
C.H.E.K Level II Practitioner
Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist
Golf Biomechanic Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Level II
Warrior Diet Level II Controlled Fatigue Training