“I have been training with Mr. Grisaffi roughly 3x per week for nearly a year. The program was exactly what I was looking for—a no-nonsense, but still fun guided training experience. In the time that I have been there, I have lost 40 pounds, but more importantly gained better habits for exercise and nutrition, and significantly gained in strength. The private environment 1:1 accountability model is perfect for people that are wanting to make life changes. While the larger gyms may have more types of weights, I found that David’s guided program was exactly what i needed to get the right workouts. He works well together to make the workout experience effective and enjoyable. I highly recommend David Grisaffi’s fitness program(s). He’s number #1 in the Pacific Northwest for a reason.”

-Michael C
Tacoma, WA

“David has been very thorough in working with me from day one. Extremely punctual with scheduled appointments and his heart is genuine about achieving the very best results from the goals that the two of you establish. Aside from the vast knowledge that he already possesses, he does more research for his particular clients to ensure that all data is current. Even though I am a relatively new client of his, I am excited to see the end results our hard work and planning.”

-Michael H., RN, MHA, MA

“David has put together a very unique strengthening, conditioning and muscle-developing core program – not just another generic “get six pack abs” abdominal course. This is the first time in a long while that I’ve seen an abdominal program that’s not centered on the usual sit-ups and crunches. There’s not a single sit up in the entire course. David included quite a bit of nutrition info in his book too, but in my opinion, the real strong point is the core training information, the unique exercises, and the 7 routines, which progress from beginner up to “athlete” level.

“David cuts through the hype and gets straight to a well thought out plan that’s tailored to your specific needs. His approach gets results!”

– Tom Venuto,
Author, Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle

“David is a dedicated, intelligent sports conditioning professional with a demonstrated ability to obtain results with his clients. He is highly qualified to work with anyone at any level. He has my unqualified recommendation.”

Charles I. Staley
Vice President of Program Development, International Sports Sciences Association

“I have been in chiropractic practice, specializing in sports performance for over (34) yrs., (15) in California & the rest in No. Idaho. I have had the honor to have worked with many of the SF 49er football team members throughout (13) yrs. Also, celebrity athletes, including Olympic gold medalists, World record-holding powerlifters, Champion bodybuilders, and World-class martial artists, as well as Champion marathon competitors. I have selectively used: Firm & Flatten Your Abs: over the last few years with many of these elite athletes with outstanding results. In my professional career, with exposure to the best training programs available, nothing, & I do mean no training program remotely compares to David Grisaffi’s ” Firm & Flatten Your Abs” course. In my opinion, put all of your other ab training programs in storage, as you will only need David’s plan in the future.

– John L Traviss, BS, DC,(QME)

“I am 45 years and I have been going to fitness clubs for 20 years and always I have tried to understand/learn/improve my abs exercises. I have to say that during these 20 years nobody, I mean all the trainers I met in those clubs were able to provide me with an efficient / healthy routine for my abs that work over time. Most of them worked for a short period of time and ended up with pain in the low back or just barely ripped my abs short lived.

During 2014 I read in the web about David Grisaffi and bought his book, Flatten your Abs.

I took the time to read it very consciously and found that it was written in a very professional way, with a solid technical background.

I decided to do the routines and after 2 months of following the instructions I did manage to increase the strength of my core abs muscles substantially. It was impressive how it improved my strength to do things like lifting a heavy box from the floor,carrying my child on your back, lifting weights in the gym, playing tennis etc etc, all activities/exercises that involve abs muscles of the trunk . At same time with a strict diet I did get a better definition of the famous six packs.

Since then I have continued doing those routines, varying them from time to time as you have plenty of them in the book and my strength has continued to improve and I never had a low back pain.

Marcelo Teti

“I have worked with many personal trainers for many years and of all of them David has been by far the best and most educated. He is well trained, well organized, committed to his profession and a delightful man to know and work with. I highly recommend him and his new eBook based on the great results I have experienced in my over all well being and the improvements made in my level of fitness.”

Jackson L. Haverly, M.D.

“Even After 3 C-sections, I Now Have Definition,
I’ve Lost 40 lbs, The Loose Skin Is Almost Gone
And My Stomach Looks Great!”

Six months ago, I was contemplating getting a tummy tuck. After 3- C sections and 2 stomach operations, I had no stomach muscles and couldn’t get rid of my “pouch”. I had tried everything, every exercise for the stomach there was. Nothing worked. At that time, I had purchased “Burn The Fat” by Tom Venuto. After a few e-mails between us, he recommended your exercise program to me.
After words of encouragement and motivation from you and Tom, I made a decision. I called the Doctor and canceled my operation. My goal was to stay committed to your exercise program, Tom’s diet plan and to myself. David, its been six months and I have lost 40 pounds, and my stomach looks great!  Because of your great core exercises, I now have stomach definition  and the loose skin is almost gone! The muscles and strength I now have is amazing.

My Doctor is very impressed to say the least. Thirty days into the program I could see and tell things were happening. I have recommended your program to many of my friends and even my personal trainer. They too are amazed at their results. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Best Advice I have ever taken. You have truly helped me change my life.”

Dedicated Firm and Flatten Your Abs user

“I first began doing this program when I was training for my world title fight. I had no idea that working with the core could make my punches sting and I could create more powerJust Do It! It works”

Greg Haugen, 
4 times World Champion Boxer

“I have a great deal of respect for the training methods David taught to me. I’ve had many personal trainers but they all seem to have me lift like a bodybuilder. Being a woman and in a highly competitive sport, the functional training David applied worked fantastic for improvement in all facets of my bowling. His eBook is a great help while I’m on the road too. I have shared David’s exercises with many of my clients and they love it.

Jeanne Naccarato,
Women’s Professional Bowler,
Hall of Fame Member